Since my early years in Copenhagen in the 1940s seeing has been to me the gateway to knowing and understanding myself and the other. I sensed a special connection to the African continent already then. In 1970 I embarked on my first ethnographic fieldwork to the village of  Mainé Soroa in Eastern Niger. I registered with all possible means (photographs, drawings, video) what goes on in front of my eyes. What I saw, was the process of transformation that the newly created African states were undergoing, We were losing our innocence while being introduced to the complexities of the so-called “post-colonial world”.  The humanity
I found among local people, and the lessons I learned during the time spent with them, inspired me ever since.  They formed me as a person and shaped the way in which I have been practicing anthropology. I am grateful that over fifty years later this visual diary from Mainé Soroa consisting of photographs and drawings and accompanied by short texts is being published in book form.